Alex Gentilella

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 25
Time 28 weeks

My goal initially was to get in better shape for my wedding in September. This absolutely evolved into deeper and more meaningful goals. I now know that I craved a healthier relationship with food, ability to navigate social situations without feelin

WAG has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food. I have such a deeper understanding of the things that work for my body and the things that don't. I understand how well consistency comes into play in a diet. It wasn't until I was hitting my macros for months that my body really started to change. Although you do weigh in everyday, I began to understand that my weight was merely a data point and did not define me or my progress! I have such a healthier relationship with the scale now and can understand how it might fluctuate when I eat out or at different times of the month (ladies). I feel like this lifestyle is very sustainable and I never felt burnt out or hungry. I love all of the progress I made and I couldn't have done it without my amazing coach who listened to me every time I felt frustrated or upset. She kept me going with words of encouragement and totally stuck to our game plan while I moved across the country a few times and was studying for my physical therapy boards! I couldn't be happier with how I look before our wedding and how I feel about my performance inside and outside of the gym!